About the plunge



We're back for the 9th annual Pound Plunge! Since 2006, thousands of people have lost more than 90,000 pounds. And now it's your turn to join your community in taking the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle.
For 12 weeks, you'll make little adjustments to your life — adjustments like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or snacking on an apple instead of a slice of apple pie. However you choose to change your lifestyle, you'll see that it won't drastically alter your schedule. It will only improve your life for the better.


Tips on how to make small changes will be accessible via email, by joining our supportive Facebook community and text messaging (you wanted it, and now you have it!). You'll also have the opportunity to win prizes and celebrate your successes throughout the plunge.


So plunge forward today, and see how little changes can add up to the life you want!